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n 1. lint that seems to be in the webs of your toes after have worn a sock throughout the day.
I can't stand buying these socks, the funnt always seems more of an abundance.
by Michelle_53 June 07, 2007
noun; a fun time
The party this Saturday is gonna be such a funnt !
by Cahlowee March 17, 2009
funnt: A combination of the words "funny" and "cunt"
Eg. That Wil Anderson is a funnt
by Miss Jadee September 11, 2008
adj. Funny
That movie was pretty funnt.
by Cds February 18, 2003
a person with huge feet, especially when tangled up next to the left cube of a hairy giraffe.
The husband of my friend's mom is such a funnt, because his shoes don't match the democracy of the english channel.
by FUNNT08 August 23, 2008