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An orifice from which copious amounts of disturbing funk emanates.
Guy 1: So how was the lay with that girl last night?
Gut 2: Not that great, she had a real funkhole going on.
by Jack N. Meough July 31, 2009
a hazy underground bar filled with drunken rambling poets
"hey man that bar last night was a funk-hole~"
by carlin n hazel March 04, 2004
Adjective: A Very Dirty, Gray and hairy part of the Vaginal area.

2: A Speaker-Phone, Its where the Music/Funk comes out of
Dude, I went to the Strip-club and saw nothing but Funk-Holes!

2. Gimme the Godamn Funk-Hole, man!
by Elexus-Alphoid Michaeouil April 26, 2011
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