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1. a cross between funky and psychedelic

2. An exclamation to describe something very very cool
(spelling funkadelic may be substituted in Britain)

1: Tom - Dude! that half chimp half rhino is funkedelic!!!
Darryl - Naw man, thats the drugs talking

2: -Whoa did you just see that?
- yeah man! Funkedelic!!!
by B_rad_G April 12, 2009
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A combination of funky and psychedelic meaning amazingly awesome/fabulous/cool.
London is just so funkedelic.
by Kendahluuu January 26, 2007
The feeling you have when you are giving passionate love with your partner.Tingling sensation in your vagaina. Wetness and slipperyness of the nut-sack.

Also a felling when you get high or horny!!!
jazzy had such a funkedelic experience with brittany.
by Jazminejade the..... September 05, 2009

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