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1. Blow-your-mind awesome
2. the stuff of your dreams
3. better than anything you've ever seen
despite its setbacks, the death penalty "remains hella fuckin' balls-to-the-wall awesome"
by B_rad_G April 12, 2009
Exclamation used primarily in physics to appropriately ask WTF?
acceptable in classrooms worldwide!

may be used in utter confusion or in shock of how wrong the teacher is

abbreviated WT(capital Phi)
Teacher: a vector sum equals a scalar
Robby: What the Flux???
by B_Rad_G April 14, 2009
1. a cross between funky and psychedelic

2. An exclamation to describe something very very cool
(spelling funkadelic may be substituted in Britain)

1: Tom - Dude! that half chimp half rhino is funkedelic!!!
Darryl - Naw man, thats the drugs talking

2: -Whoa did you just see that?
- yeah man! Funkedelic!!!
by B_rad_G April 12, 2009
(v.) dick around on the quad
1. Sam: dude we've been DARing too long. let's go daq
Drew: let's daq

2. Jose: Man i neeeeeed to daq
Joe: yeah man, i'm in the mood to TSD
by B_rad_G October 28, 2009

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