An intense desire to consume mind-altering hallucinogenic mushrooms
Steve couldn't wait to get home and gobble those shrooms...he had the funger!
by AndyTheDrunk November 20, 2008
Top Definition
To finger ones butthole then put the poop covered finger in their mouth
Jeffrey got fungered by the new girl
by fish chicken 476 April 19, 2015
n; a finger with a fungal infection due to fingering a "fungina" aka a vagina with a fungal infection
I had a nasty funger after fingering Lafanda's "fungina".
by Winne-the-Pooh April 03, 2011
Placing ones testicles into their own anus for sexual pleasure.
My boyfriend loves it when I help him funger himself.
by Queen of the Unicorns July 05, 2014
fingers are abnormally fat and stubby
Damn that redhead has huge fungers
by fungers December 13, 2009
the action of fingering and fucking a female simultaneously.
Evan: "yo, Joey i totally fungered dat hoe last night".

Joey: "wash your hand, bro. that's some nasty shit".
by fungerguy June 24, 2010
a "funger" is defined as a fake grunger. Normally a church going daddy's little girl. they will attempt to be grunger by listening to pappa roach who i agree are good they will often go to grung shops and buy one grunge outfit thyre always seen in .
kerin nightly totally fake grunger
funger would be used in the context nixy is such a poser i no she shuch a funger
by sarah allen August 17, 2006
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