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he has a large fune
by I M A Dogg August 29, 2008
47 26
(Pronounced f-you-n) Another word for fun.
The ride was fune as hell!
by Ali K June 17, 2005
22 18
When somethings so funny you want people to know it's funny while sounding cool.

Also could be uses as: "Fun with a pinch of e" or "Fun with a dash of e"
Me: Did you see that new own3donline.com episode?
You: Ya, it was fun-e
by da404LewZer February 18, 2004
2 0
Means very funny. Fune (pronounced foooooon, like poooooon)
"Fucking fune blud!!!"
"Man B6 Slash are jokezz!!!!" " Man they are just fune"
by SOB!!! January 09, 2008
7 8
Really not funny at all, used to shut someone down when they make a stupid joke.
Guy: and so then i was like "daaaaaamn"
Gurl: FUN e
by B March 31, 2005
1 2
N. Normally a person from El Salvadorian descent who will own anyone at Madden
"Gawd dang Funes, you sure beat my ass at Madden!"
by Funes June 21, 2004
12 13
the opposite of fine derived from funeral
How are you feelin? Fune... Oh sorry...
by tomsawyer23 May 26, 2010
3 5