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To funderburk is to see something so hilarious on Facebook during class that you burst out laughing and must log out of Facebook to prevent getting noticed by a professor.
After Ryan's outburst in class, Steve funderburked before he fell out of his chair laughing.

You've just been funderburked.
by Soulman5 January 28, 2011
8 6

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An evil satanic bitch that has a HUGE stick up her ass.
Mrs. Funderburk has a penis.
by Stingray September 17, 2003
10 16
An old, saggy lizard that eats babies and/or small children.
Mrs. Funderburk is a douche.
by Kevin Pugh September 30, 2003
6 14
also known as "Funderfuck"
Mrs. Funderfuck is a lizzard who thinks that the Germans bombed pearl harbor....

Mrs. Funderburk needs to be mauled
by BURN!!!!! October 08, 2003
6 15