A female individual who can fit into most overhead compartments,backpacks and small places.
Funsize is an absolute master at hide and go seek.

Funsize Facts
Funsize loves getting her messy on and hitting up a
bit of emo love.

Funsize is under 5ft so 4ft whatever.

Look at that lil' bitch she a funsize!
Hey get funsize out of your duffle bag :P
by XOBHCNUL February 12, 2008
Top Definition
a kute short person...who loves to show it off. In a good way. 8 ]
Imma fun sized gurll!
i'm not short, i'm fun size!
by Jazi fae April 29, 2008
A smaller-than-usual candy bar that usually comes in bags of 20 or so. Usually bought for distribution over Halloween.
I spent the whole day eating fun sized Snickers that my parents bought for Halloween.
by Amelia Q November 14, 2004
Ironically enough, not fun.
Give me a king size Snickers any day. Now THAT's fun size.
by Zegeroth September 26, 2007
a human of smaller proportaions than most, but also classed as sex on legs.
person 1 : hello funsize, how are you?

person 2 : hey i'm good thank you
by reject101 July 23, 2011
A relatively small girl who can be easily tossed around, picked up, submitted, and manhandled during sexual intercourse. Often very annoying with a high pitched voice and serious little person syndrome. targeted by guys who are curious to see if they can kill someone with their cock or have a smaller cock that they'd like to make look bigger.
Guy: you're very small.

Fun Size Girl: I'm not small! i'm a fun size gurl! (annnnoying)

Guy: haha.. like a candy bar? too bad you're cute because i don't eat candy (looks away) (thinking: you're a one beer queer, your voice is annoying as spam, and we'll see how fun you are when i make you my fuck toy)

Fun Size Girl: hey wait! i'm not a candy bar! (grabs guys arm)

Guy: excuse me.. i especially dislike touchy little baby ruth bars.(brushes hot miniture girl off) . but i'm curious, what makes YOU soo fun?

Fun Size Girl: what? why am i a baby ruth bar?! qualifying herself more.

guy: more backhanded compliments


Fun Size Girl: hey what makes you think you can just throw me around?

Guy: because you like it

Fun Size Girl: only a little.

(guy nails girl into his bedframe)

(next day)

friend: you slept with Alina!!?

guy: haha well.

Friend: .....is she ok?

by TheSwift August 19, 2009
A girl who is a great artist, and friend. Her short height is where her nickname comes from. One of my good friends.
Guy#1: wow, who drew that? It's amazing!
Guy#2: Fun-size did.

Guy#1: all right everyone, time to come up with nicknames.
Guy#2: she's short, she should be Fun-size.
by Dumbles June 20, 2013
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