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Also know as the clit
Damn, After I licked her fun button she moaned like a champ.
by jim bob March 04, 2004
The button (or sometimes a knob) found on the dash of a pickup or suv to lock the transfer case in four wheel drive.
Let's hit the fun button and go out and play in the mud.
#pickup #suv #button #transfer case #fun #muddin'
by pfleeger2010 January 08, 2011
A button in a car, usually labeled 'overdrive' or 'sport mode,' that allows the driver to switch from regular driving settings to having the full output of the engine go straight to the transmission and tires. Higher RPMs and thus speed are a by-product. Mainly used when climbing up a hill so that the engine doesn't struggle too much in a lower gear, or when quickly passing another vehicle on the road.
Dude, my Volvo is sick! It has seat treats AND a fun button!
#overdrive #button #sport #drive mode #economy #funbutton
by seraph2010 August 28, 2010
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