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This symbol . Americans call it period, in some sick, twisted, repulsive reference to menstruation.
Yankee: Dude, I have had it, period!
Limey: I beg your pardon, chap? You're menstruating?
by Not_a_brit March 21, 2005
The British term for the punctuation mark most commonly found at the end of a sentence.

The moment when the vehicle you are driving is no longer in motion; an instant of equilibrium achieved between decelerating before a stop sign and accelerating seconds later; the second in which any ornaments or fuzzy dice hanging from the rearview mirror are perpendicular to the ground.
*After being stuck upside-down on Six Flags' new Superman ride for an hour*

I am never going on a rollercoaster again, full stop.
by Lady Chevalier July 03, 2005
a little blob at the end of a sentence
i walked the dog today..naked.<--
by aw_shucks September 25, 2003
Something that several facebookers insist on using at the end of every status

Bottom line - it's annoying!
"goodnight facebookers."

Pfft I would like your status, but you put a full stop at the end of it
by fvbvrcxnccfvv November 07, 2010
1. what drivers ed instructor want to see happen
2. that which doesn't exist; see michigan stop
yes, officer of course I came to a complete stop..
by purlycat September 27, 2003
it's the stupid, British way of saying "period."
Sentences end with a full stop, usually
by DeWayne Mann September 25, 2003