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Freakin' Ugly Light Bulb. A CFL, or Compact Fluorescent Light, one of the energy-saving alternatives to incandescent bulbs. Often shaped like a corkscrew or ice-cream swirl, this bulb seems to be growing in popularity for the above reason and that its life span is much longer than most incandescent bulbs. It also burns with less heat than incandescent bulbs, making it easier to remove from a lamp. Disadvantage (a major one): CFLs contain mercury, which becomes toxic if it vaporizes, so one must be careful when installing or removing the bulb so as not to break its shell. Rhymes with "bulb".
I see you finally got around to buying a fulb. In a few years from now, I hear that we'll be seeing LED bulbs too.
by pentozali July 17, 2008
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