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You're really upset and angry about something, and really want to get someone where it hurts...

fuck you in the heart
Justin: You just killed me as I was about to win this game! You're such a cheater! Fuit! Fuck you in the heart man!
by AppleBottom28 March 04, 2010
to stuff thing sunder your bed in attempt to quickly get out of the hous eon a friday night
"dude i gotta fuits my room before i get get crunk tonight."
by xokatiefacexo May 05, 2007
Short for "fucked up if true." When you hear something twisted, and while replying Online you want to convey shock with just a healthy pinch of skepticism.
"Clint Eastwood has directed like 1 1/2 good movies ever."
by OzzH September 14, 2016
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