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A fugly loser that complains way too much.

Susie:"Omg my cow won't shut up, it's been mooing all night."

Bob:"All you do is compain..Yer such a fugloid"
by Jayisan Geerer April 22, 2009
human of indeterminate sex who's so ugly you don't want to find out
I'm not sure what that fugloid was driving that car but I'm scared.
by Salepo November 25, 2009
This term is appropriate to use when you come across a person that is not only super ugly but also seems retarded. The origin of the combo is a follows. Instead of saying a person is effin ugly you say that they are “Fugly”. Instead of calling a person a retard, you can call them a “mongoloid”. Fugloid is the perfect combo of the two.
Kim – “Hey Steve”
Steve – “What’s up babe?”
Kim – “What’s up with that chick over there? She looks really ugly and kinda weird lookin’ too”
Steve – “Yeah, she’s a total Fugloid.”
by Steve-o Pee-Hair August 11, 2010

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