for when u have nothin to say it is the highest insult and means "Fuck you, you gay fish masturbating homo humping piss creaming lanky twattoid with no bollocks arse chicken loving dog fucker".
Hey, you, erm...fughtkskj7yustg liuab osiug fliug -rgf -qreg9-qar9i\-oisdf n!!!
by James May 01, 2003
Code for 'Forever and ever I shall love you with all my heart and all my soul, oh my beautiful -oisdf n'
-oisdf n: You are my soul's joy and I love you
-oisdf n's boyfriend: fughtkskj7yustg liuab osiug fliug -rgf -qreg9-qar9i\-oisdf n
by Taradactyl May 02, 2003

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