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Acronym for "Brand New With Tags". Seen primarily on auction sites such as eBay.
On eBay a seller will list their item as: "VERSACE DRESS, $1NR, BNWT!!!"
by Taradactyl July 08, 2004
A Jonathan is very amazing and one of a kind. He is sometimes forgetful but he makes up for it. If you get this type of Jonathan you would be considered lucky. Jonathan's love has no ending and to him, you in his eyes are never wrong. He has a strong love for video games, dogs and Mustangs. When he has children he will love them always with lots of patience. A Jonathan is one individual that you want by your side forever. Once you fall for him, there is no turning back. This type is suited for Virgos. Together they will be for eternity.
Look at that Jonathan!!! He's such a great boyfriend/fiance!!
Jonathan is an awesome daddy!
Jonathan can play his PS3 all day!
You can tell how much Jonathan loves his Virgo....
by taradactyl March 05, 2012
The name of a song sung by the great Louis Armstrong.

Also a horror movie.
Jeepers creepers, where'd you get those peepers, jeepers creepers, where'd you get those eyes...
by Taradactyl January 03, 2004
Similar to the word previously defined by me (and was stolen by this other guy, how original of you), BNWT, this means Brand New Without Tags. It indicates that the particular item for sale is brand new (supposedly never worn, although there are liars out there...), however the tags have been removed.
BNWOT sass & bide jeans size 24!
by Taradactyl January 19, 2005
Noun. One who has qualities pertaining to a legend.
Wow, Winston's sister can drive a manual car, what a ledgo!
by Taradactyl May 02, 2003
A word concocted by some fatass who wanted to feel better about him or herself.
I'm not fat, I'm just... thickalicious.
by Taradactyl December 02, 2003
Code for 'Forever and ever I shall love you with all my heart and all my soul, oh my beautiful -oisdf n'
-oisdf n: You are my soul's joy and I love you
-oisdf n's boyfriend: fughtkskj7yustg liuab osiug fliug -rgf -qreg9-qar9i\-oisdf n
by Taradactyl May 02, 2003

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