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a fake. not the real deal an imitation
its a fuckin fugazzi!
shes a fucking fugazzi
by deadcat June 24, 2003
Something that's fake. Something that doesn't exist in any way, shape or form. It's made up.
Mark Hanna: You know what a Fugazzi is?
Jordan Belfort: Fugazzi.. yeah, it's a fake..
Mark Hanna: Faguzzi, fugazzi, it's a whazzie, it's a whoozie.. it's a.. fairy dust. It doesn't exist. It's never landed. It's no matter, it's not on the elemental chart. It... it's not fucking real!
Jordan Belfort: Riiight lolz

(from The Wolf of Wallstreet)
by ezekwail March 19, 2014
Be Fugazzi, Don't Be Fubar
by kymcleod October 12, 2003