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fucking ridiculous...
I can't believe you caught that inside straight on the river!!! That's fudiculous... I quit!!! GO AWAY, I HATE ALL OF YOU!!!!
by Glitch29 October 15, 2004
Fucking rediculous. An extreem state of rediculous.
That government bail out of the banks is fudiculous!
by foofy January 17, 2009
Compound word that means fucking- ridiculous.
That guy is so cheap it's fudiculous.
by Zzuto December 20, 2008
Something so ridiculous that it is f**king ridiculous.
I can't believe those idiots just did that! They're fudiculous!
by Lang Wiseman October 22, 2007
Fucking ridiculous - overwelming ridiculous
That lady letting her dog poop on my front lawn and expecting me to pick it up is utterly fudiculous.
by Fudiots July 01, 2010