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The act of not wearing underwear, for the male. Embarrassingly evident when the male is wearing polyester pants or sweats or even worse, GOD FORBID spandex!
When Mr. Lumpus lifted his leg on the chair you could totally tell he was free ballin it today...eeew.
by foofy January 18, 2009
A combination of fuss and ruckus. A random misspeak that occurred when a friend was telling the day care lady to call her if her kid raised a "fuckus" when she was wanting to say fuss or ruckus. It came out as fuckus and caused a very embarrassing situation, and yet in retrospect very funny.

When a child is acting up, they are raising a fuckus. An extreem fit.
My son got into a bag of m&m's and then on a sugar high raised a major fuckus
by foofy January 18, 2009
Acronym for Bus Drivers Ass. The unfortunate condition is caused by many hours behind the wheel of a bus combined with the poor diet of Mc Donalds ingested between runs.
My busdriver has such a B.D.A. he can barely walk down the aisle!
by foofy January 18, 2009
Used to describe a number of maladies and discomforts that could befall the vagina. It could be severe razor rash, thong rash, a nasty yeast infection, or the onset of ones period coupled with pms.
OMG, girl! I shaved with a dull razor and now I have one Angry Beaver!
by foofy January 17, 2009
Fucking rediculous. An extreem state of rediculous.
That government bail out of the banks is fudiculous!
by foofy January 17, 2009
A combination of the words Faux and Coach used to describe a knock off of the designer bags made by Coach.
I recently got a great Fauch from some guy selling purses from the trunk of his car!
by foofy January 18, 2009
Cheap ass sandals that look similar to the uber comfy birkenstocks but can be purchased at Walmart etc.
Heard a rumor k-mart had birkenstocks but they were just birken-nots
by foofy February 12, 2008
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