Being in a drunken state.
A term used in place of the dreaded "D" word.
There are several levels of Fudgieness.
Ingredients: Slightly tipsy
Mixed: Drunk
Baked: Intoxicated
Burned: Incapacitated or dead.
There are also rules for being Fudgie, which can be found in the Fudgie Rules Book.
I got a bit Fudgie, danced like a fool, and snogged a random bloke
by tushyspank July 22, 2008
a sweet loving name for someone your fond of... everybody can be refered to as fudgie. (sweet high pitched voice is required)
"hey fudgie, what're you doin?"
by becca casie and katelyn July 03, 2005
Someone who fudges the bucket again and again. of Canadien origins with migrant worker status at a small internet company, olive complexion, not hindi.
George Longo::Fudgie has done it again
by snufalufagus March 16, 2004

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