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Lucas is such a goon. It's like a goon boananza out here.......and I don't even want to hear your hootenanny!
One time I was walking in the street. Ya he's a goon alright.
by dweinwein bagoushe June 01, 2004
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Words related to fudgenificent:

Something so great and beautious that it deserves recognition on the level of fudge. Fudge is goooood.
Whoa Mikel, that was absolutely fudgenificent!
by Lucasio February 23, 2004
3 1
See bagoushe for definition of bagoushe. No relation to fudgenificent. Just bagoushe.
Up where it says "boananza," I meant to say "bonanaza." The extra "a" just jumped in all unexpected and Shiite. Shiite Muslim that is.
by dweinwein bagoushe June 02, 2004
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