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Lucas is such a goon. It's like a goon boananza out here.......and I don't even want to hear your hootenanny!
One time I was walking in the street. Ya he's a goon alright.
by dweinwein bagoushe June 01, 2004
1 Word related to fudgenificent
Something so great and beautious that it deserves recognition on the level of fudge. Fudge is goooood.
Whoa Mikel, that was absolutely fudgenificent!
by Lucasio February 23, 2004
See bagoushe for definition of bagoushe. No relation to fudgenificent. Just bagoushe.
Up where it says "boananza," I meant to say "bonanaza." The extra "a" just jumped in all unexpected and Shiite. Shiite Muslim that is.
by dweinwein bagoushe June 02, 2004

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