A derogatory comment usually referring to someone acting like a homosexual.

invented 06-04-2009 by folokingx
You freaking fudge packer stop txting me !!!
Lol, your such a fudge packer !!!
Sometimes you act like a real fudge packer =)
by folokingx June 04, 2009
A man who engages in gay anal sex.
Did you just call me a fudge packer? I'm telling you I ain't gay.
by GuidoPosse69 January 29, 2005
A man who like to take it up the talepipe.
Bob is the biggest fudge packer I've ever seen.
by Jimmy O tool October 16, 2003
a gay man active in sexual intercoarse
instead of that guys such a fag

that guys a total fudge packer
by baustin2012 August 29, 2009
A fudge packer/Fudge packy they Will keep the shit and or others in there ass for pleasure.
Tommy Was a Fudge packer and Shoved some of sallys Fudge While he worked on his report for ms.Lingernie
by ThatSoFunny November 09, 2007
Homosexual, gay, (slang) queer, fag
None of those guys, including Rich and Drew wanted to screw Leah, b/c they were fudgepackers.
by Rich April 14, 2003
one who packs fudge, for example on the dispatch line of a confectionary factory.
Fudge-Packer: Wow it was a hard days work at the confectionary factory day i had to pack 14 boxes of fudge.

Fudge-Packers Wife: Thats nice dear
by Fudge-Packer's wife February 15, 2010

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