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State of mind/place of mental residence of a fucktard; those engaged in fucktardary
slx is the Lord Mayor of Fucktardia
by Ðiego December 07, 2002
Fucktardia is a far-off, magical land filled with wonderous works of stupidity, and great triumphs of brianlessness.

To get there, one must sail across the sea of stupidity, journey through the facepalm forest, climb the mountains of dumbassery, cross the river of retardation, and you will come upon the land of Fucktardia.

Fucktardia has a diverse and surprisingly large population. The largest city in the land of Fucktardia is its capitol; Fucktardingtonsworthingham.

The great city of Fucktardingtonsworthingham is a beautiful city, with many famous landmarks, including the Cathedral of Atheism, the Sara Palin monument, and, most importantly, the palace of the king of Fucktardia.

The king of Fucktardia is descended from a royal line of only the most stupid, null-minded, mind-bogglingly fucktarded. It is law, however, that if one can prove himself more fucktarded than the king, they will be crowned king of Fucktardia. George W. Bush did so in 2003.

The people of Fucktardia are called Fucktards, who speak Fucktarded, which is a language very similar to english, but lacks grammatical structure or proper syntax. 99% of the population practices the religion of Fucktardary. The other religion practiced by the remaining 1% is Atheism, because everyone knows that it's a religion. (Duh)
a. I just got back from my vacation in Fucktardia.

b. How was it?

a. Very enlightening. I'm thinking about going into politics.
#fucktard #fucktardary #stupidity #stupid shit #dumbass #sarah palin #george w. bush
by Name removed by the NSA January 02, 2014
a place where all fucktards live
see fuck tard
also known as transfuckivania...tardland
1. That guys a fucktard. i bet he lives in FUck-tardia.
2. She couldn't live in FUck-tardia. she's too smart.
#fuck #tard #terd #poop #pee #funny #words
by billy bob0908434 April 27, 2009
Always with capital letter. Country where fucktards/fucktardians live.
How did you know that I am fucktard? Yes, I live in Fucktardia.
by azimoert December 28, 2015
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