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1. A geometric shape with an inexplicable number of sides and dimensions. No two are ever alike.

What is that? A trapezoid? It doesn't look quite right.

No, that's a fucktangle.
by Me first January 29, 2009
Fucktangle -

A sexual position utilized by swingers, especially swinger geometry teachers, carpenters (Jesus), and many others. A fucktangle is any shape made when several people link themselves together through sexual actions that closely resemble said shapes, shapes that include "tangle" in their names, i.e. rectangle, triangle, and rhombus...tangle.
"I need help with my geometry so me, my best friend's mom, and his sister totally made a fucktangle last night. Then we calculated."
by Mr. Big Meat December 18, 2006
A love tringle that is doomed or sordid.
Oh man why did you have to get involved with daisy and her Mom. That is one mother of a fucktangle.
by Cheekywitch July 16, 2010

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