Usually airborn. Something you withhold from people you care a shit for.
Whatever that bitch does, I don't give flying fucksicle.
#flying fucksicle #rat's ass #give a shit #dismissal #no care #pwned
by Forseti April 13, 2006
An Eskimo who pisses me off.
Hey! You! Yeah, you! You're a fucksicle!
by Fucksicle August 15, 2004
Comparable to a fuck boi yet slightly inferior due to their lack of sexual attractiveness (fuckability) and cold heart hence the use of "sicle" instead of the human quality "boi."
Don't pretend like he's a good guy when he's actually a fucksicle!
"I ain't gonna be sucking on that fucksicle on a hot day." Exclaimed laquisha adamantly

fuck boi frat daddy
by Lalala5000 May 09, 2016
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