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The word used to describe the relationship between you and your fuckbuddy.

An association between two or more people that is limited to regular sexual encounters.
"Oh, they are just fucking- it's a total fuckship they're in"

"We don't talk, we dont hang out, we just screw. It's a fuckship"

They've been seeing each other for sex for the past ten years. It's a fuckship thats lasted the ages"
by gveks November 17, 2010
When you think you are in a relationship with a person, but you are truly nothing more than just a fuck. This is called a Fuck-Ship.

You may spend quality time with the person. Dinners, Friends, Casual Moments or weekends. But never ever, Birthday's, Holiday's, or any Family events.

This relationship is solely connected to sex at least by one person.

Reality : You're nothing but a fuck!
You want to meet the family but you never do. Why? Because you're just a fuck! Only people in real relationships meet the family. Non relationships are nothing more than a Fuck-Ship!
by RavenStar26 April 20, 2015
Two people engaging in purly sexual activities with no intentions of being friends.
Sally and Ben shared a fuckship that was a memorable experience.
by Booty Call10450 January 24, 2007
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