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A woman whose sole purpose in life is to be a repository for the sperm of any available man.
That bitch is nothing but a fuckpiece,
by Shit Brick July 02, 2003
Derogatory term. Same as idiot.
1) Shut up, fuck-piece.
2) That guy is such a fuck-piece.
by Dr. Bint July 13, 2004
A fuck piece is one who is more deserving of attention than a fucker. A fuck piece is one who is both a fucker and a tool.
Anyone who watches the Hills or Jersey Shore is a fuck piece.
by BSFatonovich March 04, 2010
1.(n)- A crazy person.
2. (n) - a porno
3. (n)- a boner.
4. (n)- comrade.
5. (n)- a douche bag/fucker.
6. (n)- a douchebag fucker.
7. (n)- a temptrous woman who does not put out.
1. You are loco - a total fuckpiece.
2. I'm tired as all heck bro - just spent all day jackin' off to some fuckpieces.
3. Suzie, stop lusting after my huge fuckpiece.
4. This is for all my fuckpieces back in Atlanta.
5. Get out of here, you dumb fuck piece!
6. Georgia had to go to the hospital. She had a douche lodged in her vagina. What a sad fuckpiece.
7. I hate Sharon. She's a blue ballin' fuckpiece.
by lil fuckpiece March 11, 2009
A gun that you fuck.

In some cases, can result in catastrophic damage to the genitals.
Eddie blew his dick off with his fuckpiece.

by TripleAnon February 07, 2009
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