Top Definition
1) A contemptible person of low intelligence.
2) A term of endearment for a person who has just done you wrong.
3) Relating a contemptible person to a sexual device in such a way as to equate such low intelligence with an inanimate object of gratification (i.e. a head with no brains).
"Oh you fucknob! You just ran into my car!"

"That Frank... he's one colossal fucknob!"
by Frank Klaune November 05, 2003
A fucking retard or dickhead or just an idiot
if some ones being a idiot you say "you fuck nob"
by pet pet April 25, 2008
person(s) of extremely low intelligence who need to go fuck a knob.
"hey joe"
"fuck you fucknob"
by fucknob April 29, 2003
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