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Noun. A person with whom you are displeased.
Watch where you're driving you fuckin' fuckmouth!
by Johnny Hollywood September 05, 2005

A 'Fuck Mouth' is one who gets fucked in the mouth. This Fuck Mouth can be either male or female. Sometimes, it's their first time getting fucked in the mouth.
'Fuck Mouth' can also be a game (ages 3 and up). We call it 'FUCK MOUTH'.

the rules of the game:
you say fuck, i say mouth. fuck. mouth. fuck. mouth.
warning: can be humiliating to the mouth fuckee.

also see CHIN.
obviously, chase and rita.

max: "Yo, did you hear about how chase fucked rita's mouth?"
rane: "FUCK! Are you serious?"
bridget, natasha, kate, matt, max, ash, etc.: "MOUTH!!!"

ladies and gentleman, Fuck Mouth.
by NatashaSkadeet November 26, 2005
A person that is known for their penis sucking abilities; these individuals can be identified by the extensive use of vibrant colored eye shadow.
Oh man, the girl over there with the bright blue eye shadow is a fuckmouth.
by Vickdachick February 11, 2007
noun< used in reference to annoying child disturbing their mothers while they are talking with other adults
mother.. so i said yes lets make pizza for dinner

child.. mommy mommy mommy mommy

by DR.SPOCK September 28, 2009
Whore-ish dirty sex talk, often in a non-intimate setting.
I've listened to your fuckmouth long enough. Now get out!
by cololobo June 25, 2005
a homo, a piece of hardened dogshit, one who has been fuckedin the mouth by a wide dick. This person is commonly being pounded by other dudes and can be found in most computer gamer stores.
Look at that guy in the yankees hat, what a fuckmouth.
by Joe Algebra January 12, 2008
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