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1.An expression commonly used to display enthusiasm.
2.A description of an event,usually one particulary stressful or exciting.
1. Holy Fuckingshit! Did you see that?
2. Dude, that was some fuckingshit!
by Donrick Blevins December 07, 2005
11 2
Combining two versatile words such as Fuck and Shit yeilds an extreamly versatile combination. Fucking Shit can be used to exclaim dismay or excitement, just about as versatily as either of its component words.
p1: Dude, I just got into a fender bender
p2: Fucking shit man, how bad is it?

p1: I just got 500 bux in the mail for no reason!
p2: Fucking shit!! You bastard!

p1: Fucking shit that test was hard...
p2: Hell yeah!
by Hyper-Z January 10, 2005
154 32
Something to say when "shit" can't cut it when you're very angry and agitated to the point of busting that piece of fucking shit.

"Motherfucking piece of shit" is a more powerful phrase to say when you are EXTREMELY pissed off.
God DAMN this Fucking Shit!
52 16
1. A common phrase in the Phillipines.
2. A common form of intercourse in the Phillipines - which is why they say it a lot - in which a woman positions her cunt in front another's asshole which in turn shits into her cunt.
1. You, fucking shit. Why don't you wait 2 weeks like everyone else before invoicing me.
2. Two Filipino girls were lying on their sides on the floor with their vaginas pointed at the other's anus just fucking shit.
by appsguy April 07, 2008
38 22
a)residue found on the penis of a homosexual male after anal intercourse...

b)residue found on the penis of a straight guy after fucking his girl in the asshole.
When Lance was done fucking Bruce in the ass, his dick was covered in fucking shit.

Bradley licked the fucking shit off of Steven's dick after he got fucked up the asshole. Yummo!!!

Charles was grossed out when he pulled his dick out of Stacey's ass and saw it was covered in fucking shit.

by sex fiend 69 December 02, 2007
34 23
Something really good or really bad.
We're nothing to you, but we're the fucking shit in their eyes
by TR March 13, 2003
29 24
Sexual lubricant made mostly of shit.
"i cant get wet...Put some Fucking Shit on your dick"
by Peter Kotsos June 17, 2008
9 10