A guy who makes friends with nice women and talks to them about his sex life, by which these women friends inherently nickname the guy Fucker.
My chick friends call me Fucker
by Balano May 11, 2003
1. Someone whom has lots of sex.

2. Used in humiliating terms.

3. Pulling a penis out of the vagina.

4. Used alot with mother in front.
You stupid mother fucker!!!!
Uuuhh!! I'm a fucker!!!
by Daniil Vsevolodovich February 03, 2004
A person who doesn't believe in love their for doesn't believe in making love.
I'm thought I told you girl I'm fucker not a lover.
by george January 20, 2005
A man who disrespects a woman or all women.
Though he is married, he went to Puerto Rico and got with prostitutes. What a fucker!
by Stephanie January 17, 2004
someone who is very cynical as to the point that he would consider more than half of the entire human race as mean, rude, and obnoxious.

this is a type of person who is either ugly or fat and was picked on as a kid and now has no friends and therefore hates most everyone. he thinks he is very intelligent as well, but he's just an idiot...or fucker

see ¤bondagefairie¤
"look at that guy...calling people fuckers"

"yeah, what a fucker he himself must be"
by niliem October 14, 2005
1. An old man with three titties and a massive drug addiction.

2. Someone who's hobbies contain oral sex, masturbation, and erection.

3. Oral sex.

4. Butt-fucking.

5. Pleasuring someone of your own species.
1. That fucker almost ran me over on my way back from the restroom.

2. That sexy fucker wanted his vibrator back but an old hobo stole it.

3. Will you have fucker w/ me?

4. I want to fucker you.

5. I started fuckering at the age of 17 and my mom wants her vibrator back.
by katee March 12, 2004
A person who doesn't give to shits and would rather be dead.
Yo, you gothic fucker, why you trying to hang yourself from a tree? (no offense to gothic people)
by Aubrey December 31, 2003

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