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The receiver of sex from the fucker who gives the sex.
Jack and Jill had sex. Jack was the fucker on top giving it hard to Jill who was on the bottom taking on the role of the fuckee.
Person who is being fucked, by the fucker.
Tommy was the "fucker" while Sally was the "fuckee"
by MaddoxMcveigh January 12, 2011
fucker in progress
Judy: I'm the new fuckee down at the cathouse.
by THE WHACKER!! May 11, 2009
Actually, only half of the Asian-American phrase "Fuckee-Suckee".
As in: "Five dollah, make you hollah, give good Fuckee-suckee, Joe"!
by aereilly July 30, 2003
A new definetion for this, my friend and i made:

N. a man or woman that if given the opportunity, you wud fuck them on the spot.

if referring to a celebrity: a fuckee is that famous person that, even though completly unatainable, you wud definetly have sex with if given the chance

if referring to a more realistic person: a fuckee is someone who is deemed "fuckable"
Girl: OMG. I was almost orgasmic. tyson beckford is on tv right now!
guy: obviously, he is one of your fuckees.
by christian ashley January 18, 2008
VERY VERY stupid person..
<nick> hi, i ma eh a dumb
<|-_-> stfu fuckee
by |-_- February 20, 2004

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