1- Excessively Drunk or Inebriated.

2-Drunk feeling where one "can not differentiate between an appropriate comment and an inappropriate one, so one says whatever one feels like."

3-Nothing can stop me drunk
At this point I am fucked-in-half drunk, and want to sleep with basically anything with a vagina.
by Vit0o December 20, 2007
Top Definition
being so drunk that you lose every basic motor skill. a step above shit-faced and step below death.
Man1: Dude i was fucked in half last night.
Man2: were you able to drive home?
Man1: fuck drivin, dude. i was having trouble with door knobs.
see shithoused

really really drunk
Jack came over to the party and he was already fucked-in-half!
by JackHammer November 22, 2004
it means really fuckin drunk
we were drinkin and i got fucked in half
by dildoman December 04, 2007
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