Some are born to live feeling like this and others aren't its as simple as that.

I am one who gets *fucked off* quite easily and regularly when watching the news or adverts (commercials to Americans) {why am I telling Americans the translation when they're too ignorant to do it for us!}

Fucked off is also a good phrase to shout like fuck off or shit!
"...I dunno why pal , but I just fucked off with that."
by britishandworried February 11, 2005
Top Definition
To be extremely annoyed
I'm proper fucked off about that car killing my cat
by F4g July 17, 2003
A term used to describe anything that is not right, broken, not going well, messed up, or basically anything that you just generally do not agree with.

Overused to epic tweaker proportions in 'the scene', it can be used multiple times in a single sentence and have legitimate need for its use each time.

If said more than once in a conversation is a dead giveaway that someone hits the choad pipe on the reg.
Smoker: Last night was soo fucked off man listen to this: so after you left, me and your fucked off girlfriend were walking to the club and as i pulled out that rig a cig that i broke earlier and had to mc gyver...
General Nuisance: uh huh
Smoker: my fucking brand new piece hitched a ride and came flying out my pocket and bounced off the sidewalk into a total fucked off mess right in front of that block monster with the cloudy eye thats always scanning at 45 degrees.
Nuisance: That dude is so fucked off. One time his eye scanned me when I was almost standing behind him. Creeped me the fuck out. hella bad.

Smoker: Stop saying hella so much. But ya the club was hella fucked off so your girl pulled me back to her crib and got me g'd up and lookin to meet up lol.

Nuisance: Then what she blew you!
Smoker: No way dude we wouldn't do that! Thats fucked off that you would even say that!

Nuisance: I'm sorry
Smoker: You should be cos I'm not some fucked off twacker who would just up and put my dick in her mouth. But damn that girl can fuck
Nuisance: Hella fucked off
Smoker: I'm sorry
by Seatthell August 22, 2011
1) To be annoyed to the extreme (pretty much = pissed off but helps you express it more strongly!)

2) To leave somewhere, occasionally with the connotation that you left abruptly, earlier than expected, rudely, or whilst you were annoyed.
1) "Mate, some cunt's stolen my car! I'm severely fucked off!"

2) "He turned up about 8 and I thought he was going to stay all night but he fucked off about 10!"

"I dunno what happened, she turned up but only stayed for about half an hour then fucked off again"

"He fucked off without even saying bye! I'm really upset"
by carlypussycat March 13, 2008
The feeling you get when the guy your sharing a flat with sleeps with the girl you are in love with and then acts like his balls are made of platinum.
Im so fucking fucked off imgoing to fucking shit in your mouth while you are fucking sleeping and then eat your fucking childhood pet you fucking c*nt.
by strongbow steve October 22, 2006
IN BRIEF: Hurt or killed, negatively dealt with or handled the ward way.
Why good people with good intentions ends up the one fucked off?
by Mr. Terrence L. Trezvant March 22, 2009
Being told to "fuck off"
1. I was fucked off so I had to leave.

2. My wife and I had a fight and she fucked me off, so I no longer have the obligation to be at home and sober.
by Epten February 06, 2012
Fucked off - to stop paying attention to somebody .
I got fucked off by my boyfriend today when he was paying more attention to his friend Alissa.

Disregard, dismiss, fuck, unfair, harsh, vulgar nasty
by lbcgurl April 19, 2015
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