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1) Derogatory term to describe something, or someone, which is more than a bit below par in terms of appearance or general hygiene.

2) Also applies to girls who look a bit dirty in all interpretations of the word.
1) Friend - "Hey, there's a sofa in that skip and it doesn't look too bad, shall we grab it?"
Me - "Ewww, what are you on about! It's got stains on it, that is SO skanky!"

2) "Dude, that bird looks WELL skanky, I bet she's been around!"
by carlypussycat March 13, 2008
1) To be annoyed to the extreme (pretty much = pissed off but helps you express it more strongly!)

2) To leave somewhere, occasionally with the connotation that you left abruptly, earlier than expected, rudely, or whilst you were annoyed.
1) "Mate, some cunt's stolen my car! I'm severely fucked off!"

2) "He turned up about 8 and I thought he was going to stay all night but he fucked off about 10!"

"I dunno what happened, she turned up but only stayed for about half an hour then fucked off again"

"He fucked off without even saying bye! I'm really upset"
by carlypussycat March 13, 2008
The commonly used term for illegally organised raves, usually held in some skanky derelict building/warehouse (but can be outside too) and located by calling a given mobile number after a specified time on the night of the party. Normally has a start time but no end time as it generally goes on until the police get wind and shut it down! Usually a VERY messy affair involving a blend of acid techno/psytrance copious amounts of hedge monkeys and a side order of random chavs.
"I went to an amaaazing free party in that office block last night! Everyone was lovin it til the rozzers shut it down!!"
by carlypussycat March 13, 2008
Description of a hedge monkey/hedger in full flow! Normally describes an action slap bang between dancing, stumbling and falling.
"Man....there were so many crusties hedging round at that free party, I felt like the only person there who wasn't completely ketted up!"
by carlypussycat March 13, 2008
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