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From the most amazing film ever - Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny when Jack and Kyle lay eyes upon the Pick of Destiny for the first time in amazement. When you are very impressed or blown away by something that totally rocks.
Zoom in on the Pick of Destiny

JB: Fuckaluckadingdong
by The Shaun of Destiny June 17, 2007
And extreme excitement that concludes excitement
Well Fuckaluckadingdong I'm so horny!!!
by ATOTHEM June 04, 2007
An expression of surprise or an "OMFG" moment.
Well fuck a luck a ding dong....
by LOL MATTS GAY May 06, 2009
replaces fuck with a more power full version of fuck stresses how pissed you are.

could mean fuck it like a ding dong but whos keeping track
fuckaluckadingdong, so thats where its been.
by ChucklesMcNerd March 25, 2010
To be majorly phyced, hyper, or anxious about something. It was first brought to this world in Tenacious D: The Pick Of Destiny. This can also mean you are really really high.
1 Jake: Dude Lamb OF God is having a concet here tommmoroW!

Colin: Well fuckaluckadingdong

2 James: Hey there mr flyig monkey how are you??

Blake: Get away from me you dooshy fuckaluckadingdong
by akaKevin April 03, 2009

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