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A person's knowledge of sexual positions, in the same way as VOCABULARY means "a person's knowledge of words".
This word was invented by the webmaster of
You can test your fuckabulary and get a rating on the website
(Sorry editors, I read that you are not supposed to advertise websites here but I thought that in this case it was relevant to know who invented this word and where to find more info on it).
So in the same way as a person's VOCABULARY determines his ability and creativeness in being VOCAL, a person's FUCKABULARY determines their skills and creativity in the numerous ways of fucking, and other ways of having sex.
#fuck #sex #fucking #sexual positions #sex positions
by Bob from Oz July 22, 2006
When one's vocabulary is riddled with swear words.
"Man Jake's always swearing, it's like every other word is a swear word!"
"I know, he has quite the fuckabulary."
#vocabulary #swear words #speech patterns #frequent swearing #cursing #fucabulary #fukabulary #profanity #cussing #cuss #inappropriate
by LittleMissKate December 01, 2013
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