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FUCKA is the true Urban word for common mis-used word 'Fucker'

You will notice that most words ending with 'ER' have been changed to 'A' in the Urban Dictionary. This is one of many Quick-Notes in the Urban language due to the high speed needed in conversations... In order to get your point across... and pull out your gak and cap someone before the 5.0 arrives.
"U stupid ass mothafucka, Im gonna punk ur ass up fo tappin my girl u stupid fucka"

Tyrone quickly pulls the trigger
by D Dizzle My Nizzle December 23, 2003
in a high degree; extremely; exceedingly; very:

A term originating in Long Beach in the mid 2000's in order to generate a southern Californian counter to the northern California term 'hella.'
My new laptop is fucka fast.
by albertsamreth May 25, 2010
Noun. A milder form of fucker.
When you steal 5 bucks from your mom's purse to buy weed, you're a fucka. When you steal 40 bucks from your mom's purse to buy weed, you're a fucker.
by Danny Delinquent December 07, 2003
fucking jerk/ person who pisses you off!!
you're a fucka!
by Lynda-holla March 28, 2003
Spelling variant of fukka.
Who gets off on potato bug porn? You is fucka wack!
by Jasper Ray April 10, 2005
The norhern california and Southern california agreement to set their differences aside and create a word that takes the northern cali "hela" and southern cali "fucking" and puts them together. Hela and fucking are similiar in saying. This word was created so people coming from L.A. going to college in northern cali wouldn't kill all the nor call kids saying the annoying hella word ALL THE TIME.
Hela- Dude, did you go to that concert, that was hela tight.

fucking- Dude did you go that concert, that was fucking tight.

Fucka- Dude did you go to that concert, that was fucka tight!
by Mike Marks October 15, 2005
someone who is a huge fucker.
God Damn Your Such A Fucka Mavis.
by Alan Swieszewski February 10, 2004
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