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to get pummeled so bad whatever part they are beating becomes unnoticable when they are done.
"You better shut that cunt up before I go over there and fuck start her head!"
by Tooter May 03, 2005
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To produce energy in another person by forcefully inserting your penis into an available opening on someone's body.
If you don't get out of bed now I'ma go over there and fuckstart your skull!
by DeezNutz April 09, 2003
1. (v) a play on the method used to start certain smaller combustion engines like a lawnmower (pull-start), a fuck start is starting your day by waking up and fucking away the tiredness.

Similar: wake up sex

2. (v) to achieve an erection through attempted intercourse with a flaccid dick.

Similar: hot dogging with no erection (yet), an ambiguation of the term pull start and the phrase suck start

Both variations of fuck start are considered a start from scratch
1. I feel pretty alert awake this morning after that fuck start I got from my girl.

2. To get me goin', my girl gave me a fuck start and THEN we were in business.
by D. Ward May 05, 2010
the beverage also known as vodka and red bull
Bartender, I need a fuck start.
by Eaphis September 25, 2006

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