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Another word for fucker, fuckface, dumbfuck, etc.
Why you gotta be such a fuckfuck, you fuckfuck?!
by Oshlimich July 07, 2010
9 3
To play a childish prank on someone.
act childish
I can't find my keys, I think someone is playing fuck fuck.
Dude I didn't do dick at work all day, I played fuck fuck.
by FJWeber September 07, 2007
42 8
the act of goofing around or playing around.
Stop playing fuck-fuck and get your studying done!
by Tbark#2 June 02, 2003
11 2
A fuckin super extreme mother fucker
you're such a Fuckfuck, seriously dude, sitting on my dad's cock isn't cool at all!
by T-Dawg 7 May 14, 2003
33 30
short for the type of cell prisoner's were kept in and meaning "for unlawful carnal knowledge".
you have been found guilty as charged and will be sentenced to the fuck f.u.c.k. cell for 6 months.
by poohpants515 July 10, 2011
2 0
fuck two or several times
I've fucked fucked...
by jjj August 30, 2004
19 29
A fucking super extreme ass pig fuckin' motherfucker
Cameron, you are such a fuckfuck, you fuckin' fuck, ridin' my dad's cock is not cool at fucking all!
by T-Dawg 7 May 14, 2003
16 30