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A list of people who have had a sexual encounter with the person before and after them on the list.


Steve (slept with) Helen (slept with) Tom (slept with) Juliet (slept with) Liam

gives a five carriage fuck train.
Now that Tom and Helen hooked up, we have a five-carriage fuck train.
by catcatcat April 04, 2012
A traditional Texan custom where families that have moved from Texas to the greater Sacramento area are to "make love" with their family at the same time. This custom was created to re-enact the same procedure Texan farmers did to the steers to make them ready to be slaughtered for meat.
Sorry, Josh can't come play now. He has to eat dinner, do his homework and do the fuck-train. Maybe after 8 o'clock
by yep January 27, 2004