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A mutual aggrement between two or more people. When friends have sex accasionally and there are no strings to be attached. Simply hit and quit.
Hanna is nothing but Dalton's fuck buddy.
by neags September 02, 2009
21 10
A person, often a former s.o., with whom one has sexual relations absent expectations of a committed relationship. Characterized by continued sexual attraction (and greatification) after the parties have separated emotionally and have come to value the physical aspects of the relationship over "commitment" and the primacy of the social relationship to the other; often occurs when ex-partners realize they can need to and get away with fulfilling their mutual unmet needs outside their subsequent relationships.
We're sort of seeing each other, but now we're just Fuck Buddies
by anon. October 25, 2003
113 102
An easy lay. A booty call. A friend with benefits.
The sex'd be great, and you'll act like nothin happened the next mornin. If he's not a "mornin glory" type. ;)
Sex with matty is great - we sorted it out. fuck buddies. All the way =] the best orgasms ever. fuck buddy.
by Holly =] October 17, 2006
62 52
A person with whom one has occasional casual sex in the context of a friendly relationship unburdened by any romantic interest or love.
I see Jane once in a while for a booty call when we are both free. I consider her a fuck buddy.
by Nondescript June 07, 2010
15 6
a friend who you normally dont or never will have a relationship with, you just use them for your own sexual pleasures, with there consent
"Yeah, im gonna go over to my fuck buddys house tonight and get some!"
by Lace Air August 02, 2006
45 38
a friend whos solo purpose is to fuck when either wants to.
MIKE: who's that
kieth: thats alex's fuck buddy
by beantown_bombshell June 30, 2006
40 35
It's like Halloween but instead of getting free candy your getting free sex plus there's no feelings involved.
I have a fuck buddy free sex
by Tasid2446 August 25, 2013
1 1