An exclamation of disapproval or, especially, disgust.

Superlatives: futa! and maximimally futa madre!
i.e. "You like limberger cheese, fuchi!" or "Fuchi, you're just trying to fix me up with your dorky, ugly roommate."
by Adam Gettinger-Brizuela May 21, 2006
Top Definition
A word used to describe when something stinks or someone is in a bad mood.
That fart was fuchi!
Are you fuchi?
by ivonne carley October 22, 2004
adv. 'fuchile' to denote the actual act of smelling something bad
Fuchile this bathroom stinks!
by Papa Fuch June 11, 2006
Fuchi: (FU-CHI), One is smells good or bad depending upon the context.
Fuchi-Laka: One who smells awful, reminiscent of clams and ass. You would not want to be near or around anyone smelling Fuchi-Laka.

Fuchi-Lala: One who smells lovely, the smell exhibits ideas of flowery meadows, a newborn baby, a warm apple pie. Smelling someone who exhibits Fuchi-Lala qualitys will send you into a dream of eroticism.
by Josh Haskal January 29, 2008
fuchi is used when something is cute in dirty way or having a sick mind.
baby your fuchi, come here give me a kiss you fuchi baby
by violeta69 February 09, 2007
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