Festering Ugly Brown Eye. (foo-bee). n. A particularly disgusting asshole.
Usage: Applies to a person's anatomy or his character, although the term is best used when describing an asshole with a particularly disgusting asshole.
In place of the passenger's head in the window of the passing car, I saw a full and hairy moon pressed against the glass. The cherry on the ice cream of this insult was my glimpse of the FUBE, winking at me from his protected position.
by C-Bag May 19, 2007
farting in some ones cubical, while pretending to ask them a question.
While asking Jon a question Jeff fubed him.
by Jeff Dempsey January 12, 2007
The term FUBES is the plural of fube. A fube's a replacement for a vacuum tube, using FET technology. If you plugged in a fube for a tube, the circuit might work better, but usually not. The fube was invented by engineers at National Semiconductor Corp in the 1960s, but never made any business or profit.
(No examples of the fube, can be found 1n 2006.)
by Robert A. Pease August 24, 2006

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