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a contraction of fuck buddy, handy for use in more genteel company, like your blind-but-not-deaf Aunt Rasmatilda
You: Wish I'd known you were planning to stop by, Auntie, but I'm just on my way out to help my friend Mr. Fubdy move his bed.
Auntie: Well, you be careful, dear; you might pull something. Remember: lift with your legs...or just push.
You: Lift legs and push--got it!
Uncle Quincy: You know, I think I knew a Fubdy back in my day...may even have a picture--or two--squirreled away somewhere. I could bring 'em by...sometime...
You: Anytime, Unc, N. E. time...
by Liam Brosnahan April 14, 2008
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