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A crazy hot vigilante who makes cute typo's. Fubby is a definition of a SUPER person
Yummy! that boy better watch his back I'm gonna jump on him he is dam fubby!
by fifi May 07, 2005
13 14
A fat and chubby person
WoW! That girl is so fubby
by J to da anet in da Planet February 10, 2005
29 16
Future Hubby. Also the most amazing man in the entire world
Damn that is one hot ass fubby
by fIfe June 15, 2008
20 14
A Funny Chubby person. Not necessarily making them physically fat or obese. A person may just have the characteristics of being fubby.
Terry:Hey, let's hit Tacobell!
Desiree:We just ate an hour ago.
Terry: So?
Desiree: Mmkay. You know ~ you are so fubby for a such a small person.
by NYCDAADA July 04, 2011
7 2
A less traditional, and perhaps more endearing, name for one's fiancé. Often used by those who prefer a non-traditional view of everything wedding-related. A combination of the words "future" and "hubby" (short for husband).
My fubby and I went out to a romantic dinner to celebrate our engagement.
by Be Nice. Creator January 22, 2009
9 5
The true definition of fubby is that it has no definition. There is, however, one exception; it is the feeling you get after a dentist visit when your mouth has been numbed. It's great!
My lip is extremely fubbified.
by noot(er) October 07, 2004
22 18
a facebook buddy, usually a bit bonkers, goes by the name of sarah mac donald,
hey fubby, there be no bacon passing these lips
by muffintop8 June 24, 2010
4 5