A fart in the form of a bubble
that was close I almost fooped but I only had a fubble
by Bradn9ne December 08, 2007
Top Definition
While in the pool, when you fart and a bubble comes to the surface. It pops and releases an agonizing odor.

Combination of the word fart and bubble, to create fubble.
Dude, you see Jill releasing those fubbles in the jacuzzi the other night? Don't get involved man...
by Max Kogan August 24, 2008
Fish bubbles. Usually the consequence of overcooking fish pizza.
These fubbles are good, but I could really go for some chubbles.
by yeahrightnowaygetreal December 25, 2009
when a dude/chick wears skinny jeans with holes in them, and sits down. The leg fat the squeezes out is called fubbles.
by binarycoder March 01, 2011
When performing anal sex the recipient of the cock passes gas and pushes an air bubble up the penis.
My cock coughed because she fubbled me
by Randallpink1980 October 26, 2008
(Verb): to squeeze 'n' blow
Dylan fubbled Amy so hard last night.
by Thatsnotashoulder August 08, 2014
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