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Verb Similar to ftw-ied

The root of this word is ftl, which is also for the loss, or for the lose.
Denounces oneself or another with failure.
Shows failure status or the ability to fail to do something properly.
This Verb can be used on oneself or another.
Wow, you suck. You self ftl-ied yourself. Go sit in a corner.

How can you suck that much and not ftl-ied yourself.
by Tri Nguyen April 04, 2008
Verb The verb form of "For the Loss" or "For the Lose"

This verb is targeted either at oneself, or another.
Dang, I just got ftl-ied

Lol you shoobee you just got ftl-ied.
by Tri Nguyen April 03, 2008

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