- For The Ewoks

Simply because Starwars Wins.
Guy one - FTE!!!

Guy two - you mean ftw right?

Guy One - No it means For the ewoks damn it!
by Popper :) September 08, 2010
Top Definition
fail to eject. When a firearm fails to properly eject (for many reasons) a casing. Generally referred to in relation to semi or full auto firearms.
question) why does my kel-tec always fte?
answer) because kel-tec firearms suck the donkey dick.
by TheBlueMeanie January 06, 2009
FTE is an acronym which means "Full Trucker Effect". It is a common used term on the Bubba the Love Sponge show on Sirius Satellite radio channel 101 (Howard 101). It is from the Johnny Socko song of the same name, played by Bubba before every show.
Hey Ned, this is Juicy Fruit, FTE here!
by BlitzK September 23, 2007
Stands for: Fuck This Economy. Used to express displeasure with the current economic situation, especially the lack of jobs.

Jimmy: Fuck, sent out 40 resumes this week and only one interview.

Amy: I know, FTE
by christmasinjuly June 09, 2011
My "FTE" is Fuck This Economy. You know, when times are bad and you (or others) have to make a decision based on your present financial situation.
Pet Owner: "I want my dog put to sleep because I have to move to an apartment and can't take her."
The Veterinarian who has to put the dog down: "Another healthy dog euthanized because of money concerns. FTE."
by rainbowbridge March 01, 2010
means fuck the damn establishment, but not like rebel-im-going-blow-something-up. its more like when someone says something and you just wish said person would get off their high horse and come down to real world (must also be used in non-caps, CAPS is just too damn established really)
Someone says: Telling lies is bad, it gets me into trouble, sex is bad, you could get AIDS, smoking is bad, you will die.
you say: fte *walk away*
by The Guys Without Funny Namez November 12, 2009
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