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4 definitions by Groggie

The best and only weekly online filmfestival.
I submitted to filmfights.com but was beat by davelehre.
by Groggie September 14, 2004
The ultra cool/wacky d00t from Canadia. Makes those crazy drawings of worth members. Also spawned 'meowzatars'. What a great fellow.
Meowza made me a 'tar so I gave him an e-hug.
by Groggie September 14, 2004
The short url for worth 1000 (the best website ever).
<Groggie> I agree with toogs! Worth RAWKS!
by Groggie September 14, 2004
When trying to dodge internet filters, people will type an 's' instead of a 'u'.
"Oh fsck! I just dropped a toaster on my foot!"
by Groggie August 14, 2004