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a drinking game. two people beat beer cans on their head, then when enough pressure has been built up inside, they bite the cans to them, and drink the beer. done at scc waterski tournaments.
chase loves to frumble.
by courtez August 29, 2005
Quiet possibly the manliest method of drinking a can of beer ever. To frumble, one shakes a beer can until the carbonation builds up inside until the sides of the can become hard. Then one proceeds to hit the center of the can's side against one's forehead until the pressure causes the can to slightly rupture, spraying one's forehead with a fine misting of beer. Immediately one bites into the side of the can near the bottom while holding it upright, pops the top, and proceeds to drink the beer through the hole in its side as if one was shotgunning a beer.
Because he was lacking in manliness (and car keys), the boat engineer decided to frumble a beer rather than just plain shotgunning it in an attempt to prove himself to his coworkers.
by ONuggles November 05, 2011
A minor disagreement or argument between friends.
"We had a bit of a frumble last night, but it's all sorted out now"

"Mark caused a bit of frumble between us, I think he was jealous"
by Merchant M October 24, 2013
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